New Game!

Pokahnights wouldn’t be Pokahnights if there wasn’t some kind of plan… because the last couple of months we’ve been through a whole process to make sure Pokahnights is set for the next decennia. During this time we got to know a lot of lovers, much obliged, but also quite some haters. No worries here, because it only makes us stronger in pursuing our goals.
The first positive signals
A couple of weeks after the ‘big storm’ we see the strategy of Pokahnights VZW already paying off. By clearly aiming for a premium room with 100% professionalism we can now proudly announce a structural partnership with In the next years we are pushing Circus Poker Club together. It gets even better because… Grand Casino Namur, Club Circus Paris and Circus Poker Club Antwerp are teaming up to promote under one scope. With this merger we aim for maximum synergy between the most popular poker providers in our broad region. Together we will be able to offer a perfect customised offer to every poker player.


Claim your seat when we open!
The weekend of July 19th, 20th and 21st we are opening our new room in style. We would like to offer everyone the possibility to join us. That’s why we scheduled 4 different opening events on the calendar:

  • Friday July 19th, starting 20h00
  • Saturday July 20th, starting 14h00
  • Saturday July 20th, starting 20h30
  • Sunday July 21st, starting 14h00

Each event is a separate event with a buy-in of 20 euro, every event finishes the same day. We have a maximum capacity of 90 seats for every event. The new policy will be Full = Full and will be strictly followed (unless we decide to open up an extra table). Only members can join events. The exact structures will be published later, no worries, we will choose for broad structures.

How to subscribe?
Send a mail to with following info before July 15th to prepare your membership card:

  • which event(s) you would like to play
  • we need your official name
  • which formula do you choose (1D, 10D, 30D or 90D)
  • if you like to join us for food, because we are going for a supere upgrade here too. In the evenings we’ll go for the buffets met with appetizers, main courses and dessert (we’ll go for several small dishes, easy to eat at your table). At noon there will be a brunch buffet. Evenings will go around 30-35 euro, brunches will be for 25-30 euro

    Menu Friday July 19th, start 19h, 2 starters, 2 main dishes and 1 dessert per person:

    We start off with 4 starters to choose from (2 PP) : Gravad Lax - Mosterd & Dillesaus, or, Burata - Tomaat - Zomertruffel, or, Vitello Tonnato New Style, or, Steak Tartaar - Kwartelei - Uitjes en augurk - Krokant van aardappel;

    We continue with 2 main dishes (2 PP, veggie always possible) : Scampi - Linguine van courgette - Pasta - Toscaanse saus, and, Tagliata van rund - Rucola - Pomodoro - Parmesaan - Rozemarijnaardappels

    We end with some sweet : Brussels wafel - Roomijs - Aardbeien - Slagroom

New paths for Pokahnights VZW
With this communication it becomes very clear Pokahnights VZW is definitely changing course. The focus used to be on Pokahroom Antwerp and the organisation of live poker events, starting today we go 100% for the new format. For now we will concentrate on following 3 activities:

  • we are managing Circus Poker Club in Belgium, with the first room in Antwerp
  • we are managing, expanding and running Days of Poker globally
  • we are exploring Sportify Poker conceptionally for it to grow further

Besides these clear ambitions we have a bunch of other plans too but the upcoming period will be mainly focussed on this.

See you all soon!