Sportify Poker

Something that goes without saying is that Pokahnights is a poker club on the move. Early June 2019 we started with the renovation of our room and the next couple of weeks we will have some time to implement several new concepts, making sure that’s everything is 100% in place by the time we open on July 19th.

Some of you might remember us talking about Sportify Poker before. Just a few years back this was more or less a thinktank to give poker a more sport status. Like good wine this idea first had to evolve some more over time in our basement. Today we open up the bottle!

What is it?
We want to try to organise poker more as a sport. Just like in any other sport we would love to see teams, managers and sponsors claiming their spot within the organisation of the poker sport. In this new Pokahnights concept sponsors will get the chance to start a team. Each team will cost €1.500 every month and in return following package will be awarded:


  • a team of 4 players, all receiving full Resident access
  • a manager in charge of the team
  • 32 event entries of €20 which the manager of the team can divide at own preference. (unused entries will be transferred to the next month or refunded)
  • branding on website, on social media, in newsletters and in the room
  • discuss guidelines with the manager concerning targets.

We managed to put together 2 teams that will start within this Sportify Poker concept in the first extended month. In other words, we have got 2 sponsors that will send out teams starting July 19th, so thank you very much and!

On one hand we will have Pascal Toté, Kenny Pauwels, Dimitri Bosschaerts and Ron Michiels playing for, the other team will consist of Anne Verreth, Nico Douwen, Jeroen Buls and Guy Baete, all playing for Ralf Geens will be the manager of the Days of Poker team, Kristof Coenen will lead the Circus team.

Sponsor Targets
Everything comes back to numbers and targets. It’s the sponsor of the team that is in the lead concerning expectations and arrangements. This is done in consultation with the Manager who is in charge of the communication towards all team member. Arrangements about what?

  • period of the contract
  • when is who playing
  • how is prize money divided, who gets what
  • what targets in light of results and in light of visibility are set out
  • which obligations for branding are there

Interested in Sportify Poker?
Are you a player, a manager or a sponsor? Do you feel like this concept could work? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

For Players

Register via
The best way to contact us is by registering 4 players at once. We will put you on the list and whenever a third sponsor is found a third team can start straight away. Also, when an existing team doesn’t reach its targets, the team can be replaced by a new team the next month.

Of course you can register separately. We will keep track of your data and from the moment your profile fits an open spot in any team, we will contact you. If you can bring along a manager or a sponsor as a player you can start the competition right away.

For Managers

Do you love organising, communication and sport management, please let us know. If teams are set up, they can be put in contact with you. As a manager it will be your job to find a sponsor, to sharpen up the team and to make sure your team is generating the necessary eyeballs. The more eyeballs, the more sponsors will get warmed up for this unique concept.

For Sponsors

Do you want to be active in a broad community of more than 10.000 poker players on all possible levels? Then Sportify Poker can be a fantastic communication tool that can even pay back itself. Pokahnights has got more than 10.000 players in its database, it’s the biggest live poker club in Belgium and we are set with several active social media channels.

Please contact us and we’ll explore every possibility. For €50 per day you will have a solid performing communication package.