Card Design by Wonkah

Wonkah is not only about your favourite poker or card game. With the Wonkah brand we create unique collector items for everyone who loves artwork and rock solid product design. In our Brand Design blog we inform everyone about the concept behind Pokah Wonkah Playing Cards. 


Wonkah Cards come in series. Every serie has 16 unique card designs to collect. Today we are at the start of the Pokah Wonkah story so it is obvious that we are working on the first serie: POKAH WONKAH #01. Every deck we create will have a unique collectors ID, for example WONKAH N°0104.


We will clearly work with colours. We believe it is important to come up with vibrant and appealing colours. In the first serie there will be 4 Main Colours. Every color will have 4 Sub Colours. 



Beside the color there will always be an extra element. In the first serie we will work with patterns based on the Pokahnights brand design. Meet Playing Pearl the first design pattern that we will use on the card backs.


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The production for the first serie is planned for July 2020. Shipping is planned in the second half of August 2020.
Meanwhile... Don't hesitate to buy your deck!