Terms & Conditions

Pokahnights.com is a project of Pokahnights VZW, located at Boomsesteenweg 440 - 2610 Wilrijk - Belgium, and a non-profit institution. Pokahnights offers a platform, derivative products and related products to poker players for online and live tournaments (offer). Users will be asked € 20 to participate in one of the live poker events offered by Pokahnights.com. Pokahnights VZW is hereinafter referred to as "the non-profit organization", “the NPO”, or "the website". The NPO's offer is aimed at poker players domiciled in the Benelux. The website is publicly accessible, so everyone is free to view the website, but we only guarantee that our offer will be honored to the group described above. The following Terms and Conditions are valid for the website and all related statements where the website comes in contact with its public.


  1. Claims from users of the website against the NPO and / or its agents (eg for system malfunctions, defects, delays, manipulated or incorrect data transmission) are excluded, unless they are based on intentional or gross negligence.
  2. The NPO has no responsibility whatsoever for the input, transmission and / or evaluation errors. In particular, the NPO reserves the right to rectify obvious errors in the input of rankings, rankings, results and / or points, even afterwards or the website may invalidate already entered data. The NPO is also not responsible for the correctness, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information services provided, for example results, sent via email and text messages, among others. Furthermore, the NPO is not responsible for the accuracy of the live results and statistics of the poker events. The NPO reserves the right to cancel events, even afterwards if such an event was won by the customer as a result of a technical error or mistake, and the NPO can prove the technical error(s) on the basis of technical reports. The burden of proof for a technical error or mistake lies with the NPO. The NPO reserves the right to hold any user who intentionally takes advantage of technical or administrative errors in the manipulation of points or results accountable for all resulting damage towards the NPO.
  3. The NPO is not accountable for any damage that might arise from the misuse of the Pokahnights account.
  4. The NPO has the right to exclude a customer from participating in the full range of the website without giving any reason.
  5. The NPO explicitly states that multi-player poker may be subject to legal restrictions and may even be prohibited in some countries. Such restrictions or prohibitions may apply even if the NPO has the relevant permissions (betting or casino license) for offering and organizing poker events. That is why the user of the website must realize that multi-player poker is not allowed, or is only permitted under certain conditions that are not met here, he is solely responsible for the disadvantages that result. The user of the website must also be aware that, in addition to the information in this section, the NPO is not obliged to further inform, warn or instruct the users of the website. In particular, the VZW is not responsible for the disadvantages of whatever nature that would result for the user of the website in the event of non-compliance with the relevant prohibitions in his / her country.
  6. The user of the website declares by creating a user account in Pokahroom Antwerp that he / she acts in accordance with the required minimum age applicable there. By participating in the poker events that are organized (both live and online), the customer confirms that he / she also has the required capabilities. When this condition is violated, the NPO will immediately close the user’s account without any notice and if necessary take further measures.
  7. The player agrees with the storage and automated use of his personal data, provided to Pokahroom Antwerp in the course of playing poker with multiple players as well as the other games if applicable.
  8. The NPO reserves the right to inform users about special promotions or new products by mail, but also to offer pro-active assistance as long as the user has explicitly indicated that he wants to receive this information. Every new user will be asked when creating his account whether he / she wants to be registered on our newsletters and other direct marketing. In every email that Pokahnights sends is a footer where you can opt-out of this communication. The user in question will then no longer receive communication via email.
  9. The NPO reserves the right to rectify evident errors when composing the account balances if applicable. The NPO will immediately inform the respective customers about these corrections.
  10. In the event of allegation of fraud or manipulation of games, the NPO reserves the right to transfer the stored data (including information about the poker events related to the suspects) to sports organizations, government agencies or other third parties charged with clarifying the allegations.
  11. Downloading images from the website (or subsites that are accessible through these websites) is only permitted for private use. Further publication, transfer, reproduction or other use of images is prohibited.
  12. The website hereby explicitly declares that it does not provide users with advice regarding taxes and legal matters.
  13. By participating in poker events that the NPO organizes, users of the website can win prizes. These prizes can be donated by third parties. The website is never liable for the delivery of the prize in good order. The website can withdraw or modify prices that have not yet been distributed at any time without giving any reason. Even if a user of the website has won a prize, the organization of the website is never obliged to deliver this prize. The website will operate responsibly: everything that is communicated on the website with regards to prizes is communicated with the intention of realizing. However, for reasons of force majeure, judicial and / or legal provisions or any other reason it is not excluded that the prizes can not be distributed. The website is not responsible for any adverse consequences for the winner of a prize that may arise from the prize that was won.


  1. The legal relationships between customers and the NPO fall under European laws. All disputes arising from or in connection with customer-played or non-played poker events are - to the extent permitted by law - subject to the jurisdiction of the court that has local and substantive jurisdiction over Belgium and / or the Netherlands.
  2. Through his / her registration, the user of the website recognizes the exclusive (intellectual) property of the NPO of its Rules and Conditions, together with the system that is regulated thereby.
  3. The present Conditions, together with the system for handling the poker events and the participation in events that are arranged by them, are protected by copyright as a whole as well as the individual provisions that form an integrated whole in terms of content and topic. Any acquisition, even partial, of the underlying idea is prohibited.
  4. Users / participants hereby accept that all times indicated by the website are in the "GMT +1" time zone unless otherwise specified.
  5. The NPO reserves the right to change the content of these Conditions at any time without being obliged to inform the users of the website. We therefore advise the users of the website to consult these Conditions on a regular basis.
  6. Every time the user launches a client application, with whatever medium (internet or our mobile services), opens an account, uses it again or uses an account again, participates in a live or online event offered within the NPO or is followed or accepts a prize, the customer agrees to the current version of the Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions, including any periodic revisions. The customer declares to read the General Terms and Conditions on the website at least once a month.
  7. In case any disputes arise about the interpretation, the interpretation of the website of the General Terms and Conditions is binding.


  1. It is required to register as a customer if you want to participate in the offer of the NPO. To register, the customer must present himself at Pokahroom Antwerp where he / she will be asked for the following details: first and last name; residence; email; telephone number; date of birth; gender and username. Only employees of the NPO can register new players at the location.
  2. Upon registration, you will also be asked to accept these Terms and Conditions and to review the Privacy and Cookie Policy. In addition, the new user is asked if he / she wants to receive the newsletter the NPO sends out. This newsletter informs you of the offer. Your email data is not used for other purposes.
  3. The NPO reserves the right to exclude participants that have given false details from participating in the events offered and to refuse to award them any points or prizes. At the request of the NPO, the user is required to present an official document with his photo, which proves his identity (a copy of an id, driver's license or passport).
  4. After a successful registration, an account is automatically opened for the user. All results, points and prizes resulting from participating in poker activities or other activities offered are processed through this account.


  1. Each customer can only have one account. Users who are already registered are not allowed to register as new customers under a different name or with a different email. If a customer breaches this rule, the NPO may cancel all registrations for future poker events, along with any free credits booked on the account concerned. All accounts that belong to a user who has multiple accounts will be deleted without any notice, the user will further be excluded from participation in future events and he or she will no longer be accepted as a user.
  2. In the case of suspicious acts or fraud, and in the event of any violation of these Conditions, in particular the simultaneous participation in games and the opening of multiple accounts, the website may exclude the customer concerned from participating in its other events. All criminal or suspicious activities can and will be reported to the responsible authorities.
  3. The customer has the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter and other emails that the website sends to him for advertising purposes at any time. The newsletter can be canceled by email. The customer assumes that, for administrative reasons, it can take up to 72 hours before the cancellation is in effect.
  4. Complaints about the account must be sent to the website (via email to the relevant customer service). The non-existence of such a complaint is considered as consent to the proper functioning of the user account.


  1. The NPO offers poker events to its users. Hereby it endorses the current European legislation. The NPO does everything in its power to only organize legal events. We expect our players to act in accordance with current legislation at all times. The website is not responsible for acts committed by users online or live that violate current legislation. If the website or someone in charge of the organization of an event detects infringements, these will be reported to competent authorities. The user who committed the infringements will be removed from the event in question, and his or her account will be suspended until further investigation has been done.
  2. The website will also organize live events. In all cases this will be done in a room that is deemed suitable according to current legislation. The following provisions apply to users of the website who participate in a live event organized by the NPO:
  • The live events that the NPO organizes are only open to members. You can become a member by having an account created by the employees of Pokahnights on your first visit to Pokahroom Antwerp. People who are not members may not participate in the event. The organization of the live event can exclude anyone from the event at any time without further explanation.
  • The NPO is not liable for accidents, theft or other incidents that occur at live events organized by the NPO. Members participate in the live events at their own risk and declare that they will not hold the NPO liable at any time for any adverse consequences of any nature whatsoever arising from participation in a live event organized by the NPO.
  • Live events organized by the NPO must not be confused with events offered in a gambling club. Everyone can join the NPO for free. The NPO endorses the current European legislation on gambling at all times.
  • The live events organized by the NPO have the sole objective of being entertaining for the participants. The organization therefore assumes that everyone obeys the rules and plays fair. In the event of disagreements, someone from the organization should be contacted immediately. The decision of the organization is binding and irrevocable.
  • For the smooth running of the live poker events that are organized by the NPO, the NPO uses the poker rules that were drawn up by the TDA, the Tournament Directors Association. The full regulations can be read here. There are a few exceptions/adaptations to these rules that are stated in our Rules of the Game.
  • If you are registered for a paying event and ultimately do not participate, you have lost/will lose your buy-in. So sign off in time if you ultimately decide not to play or give us a call before the start of the tournament.
  • By participating in events of Pokahnights, the player gives permission to the NPO to record footage (photos & films) of him or her. The user assigns all rights to this image material and gives Pokahnights permission to publish this image material on its website or on its social media channels. In addition, the image material can also be used in any form of promotion for the Pokahnights brand.

    Questions about the general terms and conditions of Pokahnights can be asked by email. Contact us: info@pokahnights.com