Pokah Wonkah

With Pokah Wonkah we are doing 2 things:

A. Selling premium poker cards for players, rooms and clubs. If you need a deck, go for a Pokah Wonkah Premium deck. We are a Copag sublabel so there is maximum quality.

B. Creating a new company. We are in the middle of a transformation from marketing/development company to a gaming company pure sang. The Corona pandemic brought us a lot of sorrows but also multiple new opportunities.

We want to combine the opportunities in one strong concept, linked with the Pokah Wonkah project.

This is the easy part of the story. 
If you need a deck of cards, you can buy a deck of cards. Easy as that. 
Every time you buy a deck you support live & online poker.

On top of that we hope you find a Golden Ticket in your deck.


We are creating a new company, called Wonkah Inc. Everyone who buys a Pokah Wonkah deck has the possibility to join the company if you are interested. 

How does it work?
Let us know that you want to support the development and creation of Wonkah! Inc. and we will have a chat. You can ask everything you want!



We have a lot of plans but unfortunately there is budget needed to realise those plans. Therefore we defined some milestones. We are already working on the milestones, if we reach the targets, it will only accelerate. The questions is not "will we do it?" but "when do we release it?"

Currently less than 20 people are working on the projects and we have work to do for over 50!

Milestone 01
Pokah Wonkah

20.000 decks

If we reach the first milestone we will create the company. In the first phase Wonkah! Inc. will manage the sales and development of the Pokah Wonkah decks. In the upcoming months we will release new designs and we will set up our sales channels. 

Milestone 02
Days of Poker
50.000 decks

If we reach the second target we will integrate the current Days of Poker project in the new company. Currently we are working on a full remake of the app. In version 4.0 we will expand the scope of the app.

Today we only support Open Face Chinese poker, with the new release we will integrate a full set of tools to manage live poker games and support the online poker community. Every poker room and club will have the opportunity to manage their room through the app.

We are lining up a group of bèta testers for concepts, gameplay, usability and more. If you are our girl of guy, let us know! Final wireframes of the new Days of Poker app are foreseen for december 2020.

Milestone 03
Full Scale Online Poker Client
100.000 decks

The team behind Pokahnights was able to realise a landmark. In 2021 we will release our own poker client with a full scale poker offer: tournaments & cash games in Texas Hold’Em and other poker variants. We will have a highly competitive offer in the market with premium software and over the top juicy promotions, well done Pokahnights.

Milestone 04
Join the Club 
200.000 decks

Jep, that’s right. If we reach 200.000 decks we will integrate the live club into the new company. Today we are a low stakes poker club. Currently we are working on new legislation and opportunities for the club. The ambition is loud and clear, establish the club poker license.

Milestone 05

House of Cards
400.000 decks

As a final target we want to buy our club building in Wilrijk, Antwerp. We created a premium live poker environment in 2019 and we want to expand and fortify the club. We are building a long term project and therefore we want to make sure that we are creating something in our own building.

The club in Wilrijk is the first step, if we can reach this point a club in every big city of Europe would be a dream come true!


Golden Ticket

There is one last extra to motivate everyone to join the project. 

For every deck that we sell we will add €1 in the prize pool of the Poker Rampage event. This will be an online poker tournament hosted on our online poker client. The tournament will be hosted in May 2021.