Golden Ticket

The initial setup of this project was to organise an international live poker event in 2021, one year after the first Corona lockdown in Belgium. In the last months a lot has happened in Corona town, so we fine-tuned the concept in line with our re-opening of the live club.


Pokah Wonkah

These unique and professional decks of cards were especially designed by the team of Pokahnights in order to give the live poker sector a boost during Corona times. Buy your Pokah Wonkah card deck right here. Now, in 1 procent of the Pokah Wonkah decks we have added a Golden Ticket. If you find this Golden Ticket in your deck, you can join the Live Final in our club. For every Pokah Wonkah deck that we sell we add 1 euro to the prize pool of the event. We expect to keep organising this event every year somewhere in December starting this year.

STATUS PRIZE POOL - Today we produced 2.000 Decks. So the estimated prize pool is €2.000 for maximum 20 available Golden Tickets.