Poker Rampage

The initial setup of this project was to organise an international live poker event in March 2021, one year after the first Corona lockdown in Belgium. In the last months a lot happened and we need to adjust the concept to the current reality. We don't believe that big scale international live events will happen in the near future.


Our Online Poker Client

Every crisis has its opportunities. We were already working on our online poker brand. Last months there was more time for conceptual development and we are almost good to go. 

In the second half of 2021 we will have the opportunity to host online cash games and tournaments. We will announce more details in the upcoming weeks. 


Poker Rampage

In 1 procent of the Pokah Wonkah decks we add a Golden Ticket. If you find this Golden Ticket in your deck, you can join the Poker Rampage event in our online client. For every Pokah Wonkah deck that we sell we add 1 euro to the prize pool of the event.

STATUS PRIZE POOL - Today we produced 2.000 Decks. So the estimated prize pool is €2.000 for maximum 20 available Golden Tickets.