About Pokahnights

Pokahnights VZW was founded in 2008. In the last 10 years we developed multiple projects in the live and online poker business. We have 4 main activity streams.

  • Circus Poker Club
  • Days of Poker
  • Concept Design
  • Poker Think Tank

Circus Poker Club

In 2019 we teamed up with Ardent Group and our live poker activities integrated in the Circus Poker project. With Circus Poker Ardent group offers the biggest live poker events in North Europe. We are organising live poker events in Grand Casino Namur, Club Circus Paris, Circus Poker Club Antwerp and Pokerroom Spa. 

Check www.circus.be for more info. Discover the Circus Poker network on Days of Poker.


Days of Poker

Since 2016 the team of Pokahnights is building an OFC Poker online community. We created an app to play OFC Poker. The app can be used by everyone for free. We have license for some markets, so check the website and discovery if you can play for real money in your area. 

Today over 5.000.000 OFC Hands are played in the award winning OFC Poker app. New to OFC Poker? Check the OFC Poker School

Concept Design

The Days of Poker team is always up for new projects and concepts. Our team created things like Flatcallers, Sportify Poker, Win2Day Poker, We Play Poker, I love Poker, 10 Days of Poker Club Tour, Tomorrowland Poker Area and many more. Sometimes the concept is good, sometimes the concept is bad. We love to create so that is what we do. 

Our latest concept is the Pokah Wonkah concept let's make it a big succes together. 


Poker Think Tank

We are a non-profit organisation and we want to make live and online poker accessible for a large audience. If you have projects in the poker business and you want to talk with our team, don't hesitate, maybe we can find some chemistry.