Pokahnights organises live and online poker events. For the online events there is no problem. You can simply download the Days of Poker app and join the action from home.

Corona Planning Pokahnights & Circus Poker Club

Due to the bad Corona Stats the club is closed again.
If everything stays as communicated by the government we can reopen after the 9th of november. Next playing day can be 10th of november as 11th of november is a national holiday day in Belgium. Please follow our website & social media for updates. 


Good to know!

  • It's Corona Time, all players have to follow the rules and guidelines of the crew
  • Only players older than 18 years old can join the events
  • It is mandatory to have a member card (€15) and a Pokahnights account (Free)
  • The doors of the room are opening 30 minutes before the start of the first event
  • View our online calendar here. Sync it to your phone so that you don't miss out on any changes!