Over 10 Years of Poker
Since 2009 we run a local low stakes poker club in Belgium. We do this for the love of the game. We believe playing poker is like a lifestyle, a way of meeting people and spending time together.

Friendly Stakes
In our club we limit all event fees on €20 per event. It’s not about the money in our club, it’s about the game, the fun and the people. The philosophy behind our home game was the incubator for Pokahnights to become the biggest club in Belgium.

New Game
Today we are in the middle of a transition, we are closing the first decennium of Pokahnights and we are preparing the second decennium. Before our 10th anniversary in August we will complete this transition. During the Belgian Poker Awards show on the 13th of April we will give an interview with where we answer every possible question. If you have questions, make sure they reach in time.

Thank you!
We have our own shop with a wide range of poker wear. I you like to support us don't hesitate to buy a piece. We use the return of our shop to improve the Pokahnights brand and to support Poker in general.

If you have special requests for our shop, don't hesitate to contact us... you never know what we can do to make your dreams come true ;)

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Don't forget to check our collections on regular basis. There are always new arrivals and limited editions waiting for you.