Location & Contact

If we play low stakes poker, maximum € 20 per event, we play in our venue in Wilrijk. If you come using a GPS device make sure you come to Wilrijk and not to Antwerp. There is a street with the same name in Wilrijk and Antwerp (and to make it complicated... Wilrijk is a part of Antwerp).

Live Location
Pokahroom Antwerp

Boomsesteenweg 440

BE-2610 Wilrijk


phone - 0032 3 297 43 81
mail - info@pokahnights.com
facebook - join our group and like our page.
bank - BE93 7350 4322 1467
VAT - BE 0654 774 744

IMPORTANT FOR GPS USERS - If you want to join us by car and if you use a GPS device please make sure that you come to Wilrijk. There is also a Boomsesteenweg in Antwerp but that is not the place to be. The good news is that both places are located less than 1 kilometer from each other. If you want to be 100% sure, please use Valkstraat 13. Our venue is located on the corner with Boomsesteenweg and Valkstraat in Wilrijk.

GOOD TO KNOW - There's a lot of free parking space in front of our room. Just park under the bridge. There's also a bus stop on 20m from the entrance.