Pokah - Endgame

Pokah - EndGame
This is it… May 2019 will be the last month of Pokahnights as we know it. During the last 10 years we had a great time but now it is time for something else. Come and join us during the last month of Pokahnights.

No panic… Pokahnights will not disappear, we are just changing the format: new cards please! Between 26th of May and the 18th of July we will rebuild our room and on the 19th of July we open the full new Pokahroom Antwerp, including the new concept. We will bring you Premium Poker fun. 

What to expect in May 2019?

This is on our agenda:

  • We will play a Million Madness event on 30/04 and 01/05
  • We will play a Big Shorty event on 04/05 with an 8K valued prize pool
  • During the first weeks of May we run our regular events
  • We host a huge Unibet Poker Belgian Championship Qualifiers campaign
  • and… we wrap things up with a 10 days in a room poker festival!

Don’t forget that we will all the drinks left in the room and that everything in the room will be for sale. Let us know what you like and we discuss the pricing.

Agenda EndGame Festival
During 10 Days we will play 18 unique live poker events. Let’s cut the crap: we want chips to play with so we will start with 1.000.000 chips in as much as possible events. Build that stack!

The Highlights

We start with an all-time Pokahnights Classic, we play a Tag Team event on friday 17th of May. Don’t forget to pre-register: Info@pokahnights.com is the way to go. 

The Main Event is the biggest Main Event we played so far. 4 starting days, 2 day 2 days, a day 3 and a final day, let’s go out with a bang!

Good to know for the Main Event: 
You can participate in all starting days. Day 1A and 1B lead to day 2A. Day 1C and 1D lead to day 2B. If you manage to get 2 stacks for a same day, your biggest stack will stay in game. To be absolutely clear: If you survive day 1A and day 1B you can only participate in day 2A.

The Specials
We will host some special events: Win the Button, Crazy Pineapple, Omaha en OFC.

The Unibet Poker Belgian Championship Backbone

That’s right, during the entire month of May we will host an incredible Unibet Qualifiers campaign. Join the tables in Pokahroom Antwerp and grab your €550 Main Event ticket. It’s an unique opportunity to make sure that you can join one of the greatest Belgian Poker tournaments.

You are invited!
It is real. We are closing an important chapter of the Pokahnights history this month. It would be really great that everyone joined us to say goodbye. Let’s make the difference one more time...

Augustus 2018 was in terms of statistics the most successful month of Pokahnights. We hosted 25 live event days and we welcomed 105 unique players on average. Can we beat this one? 

May the flop be with us!